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Hi, I am Peter Leon, welcoming you to my website. What I want to do through this website is to extend to all Tamil speaking people around the world the help I have been offering in the past to a few who have sought it personally.

Through this website you can download my compositions. You can download music notations and lyrics for these compositions, so that you are able to sing them in your own churches or prayer groups. I am offering also Yamaha keyboard loops, which I have collected from my friends.On the request of many of my priest-friends, I have created a page for priests, which has prefaces which they can sing during Mass.You can also access the Rosary and Divine Mercy prayers which I have set to music.

Everything here is free. If you use whatever you find in this website for worship and prayer, I’ll be happy and satisfied. That will be my reward. You can send me your feedback and suggestions for improvement. If you have an excellent lyric which will touch people’s hearts and help them pray, you can send it to me. I will compose music for it and make the song available here, obviously crediting the lyric to you.

Have a great time!